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News Junkies Inc.

Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops

News Junkies Inc. is a Dallas-based educational nonprofit that advocates for journalism and journalists through educational workshops, online news monitoring, and original articles/interviews researching media in the digital age.  As founder and executive director, as well as a former teacher and newspaper reporter, I invite schools to consider booking a News Junkies Inc. workshop for secondary students.  We provide a 90-minute workshop.

We prefer to work in a classroom with 20-30 students, with internet access and screen projector (ideally students would use their own devices, but it’s not required), and a faculty member present during the workshop.  Students will learn:

History of journalism in American history and the importance of the Fourth Estate to democracy;

News reports versus opinion pieces;

The 5Ws & 1H: How to substantiate news from biased and fabricated reports;

Writing session for small groups to produce a news article and an editorial based on a given set of news facts.

All student participants will receive ‘swag’ (pens, pencils, stress balls, etc.) to promote News Junkies Inc.   Our mottos are: News, not views; News matters; Just the facts.  We want to encourage every young person to become a ‘news junkie’ on a daily basis and most importantly to impress upon everyone the importance of the Fourth Estate in providing the public with honest news and reporting integrity.

Our workshops adhere to cross-curricular TEKS, provided prior to presentation.

The fee for each 90-minute workshop is $100.


I am a former award-winning newspaper reporter with experience at several Texas dailies including The Dallas Morning News.  I also hold a Texas Educator Certificate in journalism.  I recently retired as a public school teacher and started this nonprofit in 2018, as journalism remains a lifelong passion.


News Junkies Inc. is a recognized nonprofit on file with the State of Texas and a public charity with 501 (c) (3) tax-deductible status approved by the IRS.  News Junkies Inc. does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age or religion.


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